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Cayo Punta Arenas Cuba is an undeveloped island pertaining to the Caribbean nation of Cuba. Cayo Punta Arenas is soon to be developed into a tourist destination with hotels and condos planned before 2018.

The Cayo Punta Arenas is part of the Cuba Domains network of domain names which includes over 700 of the very best Cuba domain names.

There are currently over 280 Cuban Hotels available from 2 to 5 star ratings. In 2014 Cuba’s Mintur or Ministry of tourism approved the non prepayment of hotels. Therefore, much like the rest of the world, you can now book hotels on without paying in advance.

Cuba has only one major rental Car Company which is called Transtur Rent A Car. Transtur operates several brands and these are Havanautos, CubaCAR and REX CAR Rental. Via Car Rental is operated by Via Gaviota Car Rental.

We recommend returning to Cayo Punta Arenas to see the updates and hotel development taking place or, alternatively, visit some of our developed Cuba destinations at the More Cuba link above.

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Cayo Punta Arenas

cayo punta arenas cuba

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